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Global Transportation Fuel Analysis for Mobility Today and in the Future

TEIR Associates, Inc is a transportation fuel consultancy firm that was formed in 1999. William (Bill) Piel is the Business Director and fuel consultant for TEIR Associates. His long commercial experiences involve motor fuel production, fuel quality, environmental and competitive economic issues for more than 40 years with gasoline, diesel, blendstocks, oxygenates (butanol, methanol, MTBE , ETBE and others) as well as a wide range of alternative transportation fuels which include natural gas & NGLs to liquid fuels, biomass to liquids (BTL), coal to liquids (CTL), H2 for fuel cell vehicles, and other energy resources for transportation motor fuels. His career started with a large petroleum refining company after receiving a BS degree in Chemical Engineering and a minor in economics, and he then worked in transportation fuels business development for a large chemical company after earning a MBA in finance.

TEIR’s strength is a blend of strong technical and economic skills for evaluating the competitiveness of various motor fuel options or alternatives in the present and the future motor fuel markets as well as any fuel market distortions created by new government fuel regulations. TEIR’s analyses are strongly ground in facts, science & economics, and avoid using speculation. Its expertise encompass motor fuel performance and environmental qualities, production cost versus market values, as well as identifying key issues for lobbying, macro policy analysis, process technology valuations, among others. TEIR has a broad experience that includes working with energy suppliers, oil refiners, automakers, bio-fuel manufactures, government agencies, industry associations, research laboratories, fuel additive producers, financial institutions, legal firms, academic institutions, and others that are involved in all aspects of transportation fuels, fuel markets and investments in fuel production. Its experiences also include legislative and regulatory involvement, manufacturing, market analysis, long range business planning, legislative or regulatory impact analysis with environmental, energy or transportation policy, and new fuel regulatory approvals. TEIR also has access to other independent professionals that incorporate other expertise covering a full range of fuel related issues if necessary to meet the client’s needs.

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Vision Statement : “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” — Jonathan Swift (1667 - 1745)

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