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Amusing Motor Fuel Videos from the Past

Global Transportation Fuel Analysis for Mobility Today and in the Future

The following links to streaming video files on the early development of transportation energy for motor vehicles in the distant past are for your amusement.

The Story of Gasoline (1927) - Refinery and Transport of fuel

Oil for Aladdin's Lamp (revised version) (ca. 1949)

More Power to You - How Oil Is Drilled, Transported And Refined To Gasoline (ca. 1930's)

The Inside Story of Modern Gasoline - 1946 Oil Industry Documentary

Down the Gasoline Trail (1935)

Destination Earth (1956)

Twenty-Four Hours of Progress (Part I) (1950)

The Evolution of the Oil Industry - 1950's United States Bureau of Mines Educational Documentary

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Last Updated: 8/1/2016